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Honduras Honey process Comunidad Cabanas

Honduras Honey process Comunidad Cabanas

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A very sweet coffee, juicy body enhances fruited notes of pulpy orange, and red berry at City roast, shifting to creamy, deep-toned chocolate and a hint of blueberry at Full City. 

Full Cupping Notes:

The fragrance in the dry grounds produced pretty potent fruit notes for honey process, with sweet-to-savory accent notes, like fruit and nut bar, and brown rice sweetener. Even our Full City roast shared the fruit-forward scents, along with chocolatey low tones that were well-balanced. Pouring hot water on the grinds brought up notes of honey and pulpy fruits at City roast level, while my Full City roast had very nice roast intensity. The fruit flavors came off well in the brew at both the City and Full City roasts we tested. Our light roast had delicious pulpy fruits, like red berry, and orange, with a subtle winey hint marking a vibrant acidic impression. The cup showed a very nice burnt sugar note, and juicy body that enhanced the fruited flavors. I found the cup profiles more rounded at Full City, an overall lower level of acidity that left plenty of space for deep-toned chocolate notes to come through. I also picked up on lush flavors of dark chocolate bar as the coffee cooled, with an enticing blueberry hint!

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